A List Of Brilliant Dissertation Ideas On Gender

Gender issues are among the most controversial topics nowadays. After women’s liberation and debates on the importance of extending women’s rights, these crucial problems became widely recognized. As a result, nowadays you can choose from a wide range of topics, touching upon different aspects of the subject. Before selecting any topic, you should pay attention to the specifics of dissertations on gender:

  • Status of women.
  • If you choose this subject, concentrate on the rights and powers of women in different parts of the world. While in many developing countries the situation remains critical, even developed countries sometimes have a bad record. Another important issue is the status of immigrants.

  • Validity of your data.
  • You should not only pick a good topic to make a strong analysis. In order to support your ideas, you must find reliable resources and do not speculate.

  • Stress quality.
  • Given that gender issues are very debatable, you are responsible for conducting solid, complex, and logical research. You should consider different sides of the problem and combine it with different scientific approaches.

Here is a list of dissertation topic ideas on gender issues:

  1. The role of racism in gender inequality.
  2. A research on the segregation of female immigrants.
  3. A study on the development of anti-feminism.
  4. The impact of multiculturalism on the formation of gender inequality.
  5. The extension of women’s rights and antagonistic gender bias.
  6. Oppression of women’s rights in the developed world.
  7. A comprehensive research on the women’s liberation development and their involvement in business.
  8. The reasons for the establishment of a patriarchal society.
  9. Women’s rights restrictions in rural societies.
  10. The connection between racial and gender discrimination in Africa.
  11. The role of children in patriarchal families.
  12. Catholic restrictions and gender issues.
  13. An analysis on the status of women in developed and developing countries.
  14. An analysis on the development of the image of women in cinematography.
  15. The status and treatment of women in criminal societies.
  16. The role of mothers in children’s development.
  17. Gaps between women’s and men’s wage rates.
  18. Differences in the non-verbal communication of men and women.
  19. Cultural expression of social roles for men and women in different countries.
  20. The change of wage rates in women’s careers.
  21. The impact of TV on the changes in women’s and men’s roles.
  22. The status of Afro-American women in white societies.
  23. The status of white women in Africa.
  24. Differences in the men’s and women’s movements.
  25. An analysis on the roots of domestic violence.