List Of 25 Unique Topics For A Master's Thesis

The culmination of the hard work and the experiences which you have gained in the Graduate program, results in a thesis paper in Master's. Researching a topic without having a clue to it, is very difficult, as you have to find out each and every important point to write the paper making it an informative one.

However, you may find it hard to come up with a topic which is quite relevant to you. It will be easy to work with the relevant topic. There are some rules which you should follow while choosing the topic on which you want to research and prepare a research paper possessing good quality. The whole searching process includes a lot of hard work.

Before you start,. You have to clear yourself about the matter on which you want to write. Even, if you are clueless about what to select for, you can start your search from the field of your interest.

This will help you and you will get encouraged since you will enjoy the whole work with interest. You can also take suggestions from your professor or your seniors. They can guide you well. Select the topic which you can taste and can proceed with your experimentation research work. You can also check out them in journals or publications or in the internet.

Few unique topics for Master’s thesis:

  1. The pressure in academics over the students.

  2. The global classroom management.

  3. Contemporary and Confucian philosophy.

  4. Global labour standards enforcement.

  5. Global protest of political economy.

  6. Effects in corporate activity for environmental social movements.

  7. Role of Modern Literature in shaping the thought process of youngsters

  8. A theory of non citizenship in borders, asylum and agency.

  9. Expansion of the horizons of international law and governance.

  10. The trade liberalization in agriculture and the politics of hunger.

  11. International regulations of the risk factors in the financial services sector.

  12. Migrant workers in Asia.

  13. The regionalization of southeast Asian countries in the context of United States foreign policy.

  14. Exile's politics.

  15. The trading, the millennium development goals and eradication of poverty with the trading of cotton.

  16. Dark reflections with fantasy in the work of David Lynch.

  17. Virginia Woolf and modern elegy.

  18. Limitations of sacrifice in global Anglo literature.

  19. The social problems in the works of Austen.

  20. Narrative storyline in the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

  21. Walking through the Thomas Hardy's novels.

  22. Gothic poetries of William Wordsworth.

  23. The promise of space in the travelling stories of Mark Twain.

  24. Dickens' reformulation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

  25. Dejection as passion in the Wanderer.