Expert Advice On How To Compose A Good Thesis Outline

An outline is a scheme that demonstrates the main sections of your thesis and their contents. In your outline, you shouldn’t mention details, but rather indicate the main points of each section in order to make it easier for you to compose the actual paper. If you write your thesis by following a good outline, the structure of your document will be solid. Learn how to make a decent thesis outline below.

  1. Outline the introduction.
  2. In this section, you should write about several things: the background of your topic, the reasons for investigating this topic, and the exact research question that you’re going to answer in your paper.

  3. Outline the literature overview.
  4. Here, you should describe a theoretical foundation of your thesis. List the main investigators in your research area and write about their main works.

  5. Outline the methodology.
  6. This section is where you list all the actions that you performed during your investigation. Indicate why you decided to choose these particular methods and write about their advantages and disadvantages.

  7. Outline the results and discussion.
  8. First, you should present the raw data gathered during your research. Then, you should analyze and discuss the outcomes of your work.

  9. Outline the conclusion.
  10. Interpret your findings in relation to your main research question. Indicate the significance of your study to the development of your field. Propose a few ideas to continue your investigation.

  11. Outline the appendices and bibliography.
  12. These are additional sections where you include materials that can’t be placed in the middle of the paper and list the sources that you used during your work.

Make sure to outline your thesis after you’ve done your research. If your experiments aren’t finished yet, you won’t be able to outline some parts of your paper correctly.

Some students might have difficulties with making outlines and writing their theses. If you aren’t a very good academic writer, you should contact sources that can assist you with your work. First of all, you should regularly visit your instructing professor in order to be sure that you’re doing everything right. Additionally, you may use the services of the local academic centers. There, you’ll be able to find good sample papers and learn useful writing tricks.

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