How To Write A Dissertation Research Proposal: Tried And Tested Techniques

The dissertation is probably one of the most difficult, and important compositions that you will ever have to write. Don’t be surprised if your classmates tell you that they started to study a few weeks before the due date; it might take even months to create a good project. Of course, before you can create the composition itself you need to submit the proposal; remember that if you don’t make it right, your professor has the right to refuse it. Write a good proposal by following these techniques:

  • Start with the title of your dissertation and the topic that you want to analyze. This should be in the very beginning and you should state your subject very clear. The more interesting you make it, the more happy your professor will be. Also, choose a title that is relevant for the ideas that you are going to expose.
  • Write some general information about the subject. This does not mean that you have to write ten pages of details, but you start from the assumption that your professor has no idea what are you talking about. This means that you have to explain everything to him, not only the title. He needs to get some general knowledge about the topic before he can understand your dissertation.
  • Mention the purpose of your paper. Ok, you have an interesting subject and you are planning to analyze it. Why? What are you hoping to prove with your composition? Your text will be any different from what other students wrote before? If you want to convince your teacher that your idea is good, you need to come up with some really good arguments.
  • What is the expected result? If everything goes as planned, what the conclusion will be? In this way the teacher can say if it’s ok for you to continue with this subject, or if you should choose something else.
  • Ask someone else to read it. If you are in a hurry and you write you might miss many mistakes. Since it’s such an important part of your project you would not want to destroy everything. To prevent this, ask for feedback from a classmate before submitting the proposal. He will tell you if everything is clear and you will still have time to correct anything that is not right.