24 Sociology Dissertation Topic Ideas You Can Use For Your Research

Sociology is one subject, for which, if you are to write a dissertation, you will probably lose your mind trying to decide on a topic. There are too many ideas flying around. Too much research to do. Too many fields to consider from, i.e., you can pick from Cultural sociology to Criminology. Then there’s sociology related to Industry, Economics, Gender, Family, Education, etc. The trick is not to just pick a subject which is relevant in the current scenario, but also to play to your interests. That way, you will be able to give that much extra effort in getting things right.

Strong Ideas for dissertation topics on this subject

Here are several topic ideas for your research:

  1. A dissertation topic on the effects of an aging population on the Nation’s economy.
  2. A sociological approach to Under 18 sports leagues and their effects on character building.
  3. An analysis on the sociology of governance.
  4. Dissertation on the sociological perspectives in the training of a teacher.
  5. An approach to pornography from a feminist empowerment perspective.
  6. The supposed racial dominance of Caucasians over others.
  7. A research on the difference (if any) between the popular culture of your city at present and a few decades ago.
  8. A dissertation on the dimensions of cultural shock a person from the Indian subcontinent may face on visiting a country like the USA.
  9. Looking inside the different subcultures of your nation based on geography.
  10. A dissertation on the positive and negative aspects of intercultural social interactions.
  11. The perseverance of the Caste system and its importance in modern Indian society.
  12. The idea behind the “Big Fat Indian Wedding”.
  13. Research into the structure and impact of counseling or social guidance of students in primary school.
  14. A dissertation on the role of primary and secondary schools to develop inter-faith understanding and harmony between children.
  15. The impact of the current educational curriculum on the nation’s economic future.
  16. Impact on children born to parents of two different faiths.
  17. The impact of print and electronic media on developing perceptions on different faiths.
  18. The link between gender and sexual issues based on religion.
  19. A thesis on the link between faith and social change.
  20. Link between religion and politics.
  21. Basic family size and structure: A historical analysis.
  22. Social impact on children belonging to Gay parents.
  23. Social causes of domestic violence in a family.
  24. Research into the impact on children of the family due to domestic violence.