The Top 50 Good Dissertation Topics In History

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes time to write your dissertation is the importance of deciding on a topic within your area of study that allows for critical evaluation and discussion that provides a new view or understanding. Here are 50 good topics for your dissertation that you are going to want to consider seriously when searching for your perfect subject:

  1. What is the most important event that occurred during the Crimean War?
  2. Why were so many attempts at peace a failure during the Crimean War?
  3. What attitude did Napoleon have regarding the Vienna system and how was this policy put into practice?
  4. What were Napoleon's key principles when it came to foreign policy?
  5. What contribution did Cavour make to Italian unification?
  6. What was the importance of the Bismarck to Germany's unification?
  7. Was the unification of Germany successful?
  8. Who was to blame for the start of WWI?
  9. Why was Britain so badly affected by The Great Depression?
  10. Was Britain ready at the start of WWII?
  11. How did Mussolini's rise to power come so quickly?
  12. What was the "totalitarianism" concept used by Mussolini?
  13. What was the biggest failing of the Nazi party?
  14. What were Hitler's key successes?
  15. What happened to make Russia feared universally after WWII?
  16. Why and how did communism spread throughout some of the world's countries?
  17. How did Stalin solve many of the main problems seen in Russian society?
  18. During WWII, what was the most significant of the various military operations?
  19. Was there any point at which the war could have been resolved peacefully?
  20. The Scottish Enlightenment: Why did moral philosophy play such a large role historically?
  21. How was Chinese society affected by missionaries?
  22. Middle-age England and heresy
  23. What was the culture of the 15th century Burgundian Court?
  24. Piety and gender in medieval times
  25. What role was played in the Irish Famine by landlords?
  26. What was the political and racial climate of Britain after the war?
  27. What was behind India's movement to independence?
  28. During the inter war years, how did foreign policy change in the U.S.?
  29. The Horn of Africa and colonization
  30. Colonial India and female slavery
  31. Views of the U.S. by the UK during the 1900s
  32. The Mississippi Civil Right movement
  33. The Underground Railroad
  34. What was the Black Panther Party?
  35. The Spanish Civil War and George Orwell
  36. The rural history of Ireland
  37. The Scottish Highlands
  38. 1939-1945 submarine warfare
  39. The role of Eva Braun
  40. Early years lunacy treatment in the 18th century
  41. The history of the Merchant Marines
  42. The Royal Navy: Canada vs. Britain
  43. Medieval Europe's accusations of well poisonings
  44. The promotion of the automobile
  45. The truth behind "Blood Diamonds"
  46. 1940-2000: American and British policy on child care
  47. Statistical science and demography: The People's Republic of China
  48. Marriage practices and policies in the 17th century Dutch colonies
  49. Native American healing rituals
  50. The changes in border protection through the years in the U.S., Australia, and Canada

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