Looking for a Good Dissertation Acknowledgment Template

As you come to the end of the road of your doctoral quest, you’ll be taking a look at your dissertation to acknowledge those who have been of help. These are the people who gave advice, inspiration, encouragement, and most important of all their time to your efforts. They merit a nod of your head in their direction. There is something else that is a little more hard-nosed about the acknowledgments. You need to make sure the right people are included. You may call this politics if you wish, but it is important common sense. Those who you acknowledge may be able to provide further assistance in later years. On the other hand, those who you forget to acknowledge when they deserve it will not ignore the slight. Given the attention that will focus on the dissertation acknowledgment you do not want this to look amateurish at all. A good template or example would help you and here are some sources where you can find some.

  • Dissertations That Have Already Been Published. The school or departmental library will keep copies of dissertations that have already been successfully approved. You can turn to the Acknowledgments section and see how it was written.

  • The Instructions Provided to You by Your Academic Committee. Your department may have a specific requirements for the formatting of any part of your doctoral content. You need to take a look at this carefully.

  • Online Acknowledgment Samples. Professors understand the importance of a good acknowledgment and can provide template samples online. It simply requires your doing a search engine look to find a few.

  • The Website of Your Universities Graduate Studies. The graduate school understands all about acknowledgment pages. You may discover there is a template on the graduate studies website you can use. This may be the standard for all graduate departments at the university, and so this particular website ought to be the first place you look.

Academic diplomacy is important as you write the acknowledgments. You want to make certain that the proper titles are mentioned, and the kind of support you received from the individual. Any funding sources have to be noted because you may want to seek funding from them at a later time. Given the need to be precise you also need to keep a sincere tone in your words. There are people who were instrumental in the successful completion of your dissertation. An honest show of thanks speaks well of you.