The Best Way To Select A Medical Tourism Dissertation Topic

For many, the hardest thing about writing a medical tourism dissertation is coming up with a great topic. This might seem like an easy of task, but a lot of students freeze up during this early stage of their work towards a PhD and can sometimes spend weeks going in circles in a panic trying to come up with an idea that is worthy of the months’ long work that lies ahead. Here is the best way to select a medical tourism dissertation topic without spending too much time and effort:

Consider the Things that Interest You

If you find yourself drawing a blank the best way to start is simply to make a list of the medical tourism topics that interest you the most. There are different ways to come up with a list: some people like asking themselves questions that they would like to see answered, while others will write down existing ideas that need to be further studied. Either way works, just take the time to brainstorm for a bit.

Narrow the Focus of Your Topic

Before selecting a single idea it’s good to take your lists and try to narrow each topic into a specific focus. Ideas that are too broad can be too problematic to deal with and can make for some really bad graduate school projects. See if you can’t take a vague noun and replace it with a more precise word to make your idea more unique.

Make Sure Enough Content Exists

Even after exercising the first two suggestions, you should take time to do a little light research before committing too much of your time on one area and make sure that enough research content exists for you to write a great paper. Sometimes an idea is so fresh and unique that there is simply very little to use in terms of academic resources, making your project extremely difficult to complete.

Check for Similar Content Elsewhere

One of the key requirements of your dissertation on medical tourism is ensuring that it is unique and original. While you will be looking and sometimes referencing similar content, you should never spend time simply repeating ideas that already exist. Existing content should help bring your original topic into the forefront and advance the discipline overall. If too much similar content exists then you should seriously consider selecting another one of your ideas.