The Main Requirements Of The APA Dissertation Format

Writing a dissertation does not come easily to some students. But once you know the format and have decided on the topic you can finish it off quickly. There are some different formats when it comes to dissertation writing. If you are going to write for the American Psychological Association or APA it is imperative that you follow the guidelines mentioned by them. You can generally find them on the internet.

To know the general format for submitting your APA dissertation, do a quick search over the World Wide Web and you will be flooded by suggestions. As a student you are free to choose your own styles, you will however have to consult with the faculty of your department for quick tips and guidance.

There are also rules and regulations regarding the kind of print and paper quality that you will be using for the project. You can go through the official websites or ask your professors for more specifications.

Here are some tips on how the format of your assignment should look like:

  • The first page should have the title along with your name, the name of the faculty and the date. Do not forget to mention the name of the university on top. You will also require name of other members of your team if you worked in one.

  • The second page should have a copyright and the year of writing along with your name. This means that the work is free of plagiarism and totally your own idea.

  • Follow this by the abstract. Keep the title of the abstract in capitals also make it bold front. The abstract should not be too long. Keep it within 250 words or less if possible.

  • This is where the dissertation actually starts. You will need to insert your contents here. Keep it neat and tidy. Do not overdo with bullets and symbols. Check some of the contents in your research books to get a better idea.

  • Alternatively you can insert the acknowledgement after the content. It is not absolutely compulsory but if you want you can add it here. Keep it very short and mention the people or sources you wish to acknowledge for successful completion of your paper.

By following this format you will be able to write the perfect dissertation for your course. Once you have written the acknowledgement start with the introduction to your topic.