Choosing A Finance Dissertation Topic: Helpful Suggestions 

It may be challenging to choose a good topic for your dissertation. It takes months, and even years, to do research and write a solid paper on the issue of your choice. Therefore, you should choose to explore something you won’t get bored with. Your work should be valuable and useful, as well. When choosing a suitable topic from a vast variety of options, remember that it should be:

  • Interesting
  • If you are passionate about your research subject, it will be easier to work on. It is desirable that the topic be interesting for your advisor, and the advisory committee members, as well. They will be eager to help you with all stages of work in such cases.

  • Manageable
  • Do you have enough sources to back up your project? Do you know how to collect data and analyze it? Do you have the necessary skills and equipment to process research results? Is your advisor knowledgeable in your topic? If your answers to all these questions are positive, you can do the job.

  • Useful
  • Your topic should fit into a certain niche in the financial industry, and shed new light on certain aspects in it. Other researchers should somehow benefit from your work. Moreover, explore something that will be useful for your career path in finance.

Here is a list of interesting topic suggestions, in different areas of finance that may be helpful for your dissertation:

  1. Competitive role of intellectual property rights.

  2. Application of auction theory in corporate takeovers.

  3. Effects of privatization on profitability of banks in the US and Europe: a comparative analysis.

  4. Determining factors of capital structure in the automobile industry of (country name).

  5. A comparative analysis of profitability levels of domestic and foreign banks in (country name).

  6. Impact of free cash flow on profitability of a company.

  7. Car loans and house financing in domestic and foreign banks in (country name): a comparative analysis.

  8. Impact of the liquidity crisis on profitability of a bank.

  9. How does commercial banking evolve? A critical analysis of positive and negative trends.

  10. Marketing strategies of Internet banking services: a critical analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

  11. Retirement plans in domestic banks: analysis and recommendations.

  12. Effects of fiscal policy on the economy of an emerging country (country name).

  13. Factors leading to inflation in (country name).

  14. Determining factors of financial stability in the pharmaceutical industry of (country name).

  15. Effects of working capital on profitability of a company: an analysis of the textile sector in (country name).