How To Come Up With Interesting Geography Dissertation Ideas

After completing your exams, you will be assigned to write your dissertation thesis on geography. However, you have to think of an interesting one in order to be good. The right question is, how to come up with interesting geography topic ideas or who can write my dissertation for me? There are several steps to answer this question, but the rule of thumb is to choose an interesting topic, so that you will add up your own style of writing.. Read the following to come up with interesting geography topics.

Brainstorming or reading ready dissertation topics

This is the first step to interesting topic. If you feel stuck, think of anything that is on your mind and write it down. You have to start from somewhere. Geography is all around us. Therefore you are not supposed to have too many difficulties.

Anyway, if you do have difficulties in thinking of the initial idea, start reading ready works or random topics in geography and you will have the first idea where to start from.

Think of local geography issues

If you think about general geographical issues on a large scale, such as migration between countries, then you won’t come up with something unique. Instead, think of local issues and what surrounds you. You will have a lot of ideas to write about. Also, you will have where to gather evidence from.

Carrying out surveys and interviews

Local geographical issues are easier for writing, because you will find more evidence and you know where to look for that evidence. Don’t disappoint if your initial interviews and surveys are unsuccessful, or they are not interesting. You can easily start over again because it is about local geographical issue.

Be as real as possible

Related to the idea of keeping to local geography, you have to be real in your dissertation, interviews and surveys. You should look for data that can be grounds for good text and a good conclusion.

Examples of interesting geography topics

  • Cultural provinces in England: Geographical and historical analysis helps in identifying the different geo-cultural Cornish identity
  • The distinct nature of city geography and city government – This topic can be applied to any city in the world
  • Edinburgh – A mixture of urban style and social community
  • Exploring the Laguna Seca Chapala area: the landforms and the early occupation of humans
  • What is the relation between river flow in the North- East England and climate change? Investigation