Outstanding MBA dissertation topics about HR

HR is one of the thriving fields that continue to grow tremendously. This is the reason why HR departments play an important role in the success of an organization. The role of HR professionals is to manage the employees of the organization. They ensure compliant with the applicable; labor and employment laws. This is on top of evaluating the applicants for the various job positions and assessing the performance of staff. They also field the concerns of the employees. Some of the basic functions of hr include:

  • staffing of the organization
  • Training & development of employees
  • Maintaining protocols and processes that are in place

The fact that HR careers are both rewarding and lucrative makes them a good choice for those who would like to pursue their postgraduate studies. Before you can be awarded a postgraduate degree in human resource management, you will need to write a dissertation as the final step. Here are some topics that can help you to get started in your choice of a perfect subject for an MBA dissertation.

  • Examining various ways of implementing different human resource management in the real-world company environment
  • A look at how human resource departments can be used to effect organizational changes
  • Concerns and issues that can occur in overseas outsourcing from the perspective of human resources
  • How employee training & development can be used to increase organizational profit
  • The value of hard skills and soft skills in the hiring process
  • Choosing methodologies that can be used to improved the selection process of employees
  • How a strong HR department can be used to add value to organizations and companies
  • How to manage the performance of employees in an effective manner
  • The implications of capping wages on performance
  • Examining objectivity and subjectivity in regard to employees evaluation and assessment
  • The fairness concept in the hours and wages of an employee
  • How HR management strategy can be used to increase employee motivation.
  • Examining the interrelation between motivation and reward among employees
  • A review of the ethical and legal aspect of ensuring diversity at the workplaces
  • Methods that can be used to subjective personal biases among the HR personnel who are tasked with hiring and interviewing of job candidates.