How To Use The Correct Literature Review Format For Your Dissertation?

A literature review in case of a dissertation sprouts from an amazingly different fount. In any case, you cannot misinterpret it as a casual review of a piece of literature; it is much more important than that in the context of a research paper.

  • The general motion
  • Now, it generally forms a part of Introduction; but you can also place it in an adjunct; say an online resource. It takes on a larger perimeter and makes sure that the paper is thoroughly validated through its cogs.

  • Assimilation of patterns
  • Now, you cannot just present the facts of the paper in a single flow; picking up the mulch as you proceed. You need to assimilate different views and patterns and thus concretize the value of the paper in the reader’s eye.

  • Extracting credibility
  • You have to gather extracts from powerful and credible resources; and present those who support your view and those who oppose your line of thought. You should also make a fair assessment of the Methodology you have chosen for your paper. It is obvious that you could have picked other methods; so the defense needs to be forthright.

  • A fair presentation
  • You should be fair in presentation of the opposing views and then singularly try to assert your reasons why you choose to differ with the perspective. Most research papers are on evolving trends and since the trends keep evolving, quite a few perspectives, even belonging to luminaries, stagnate. You take your clue from here.

  • Attracting attention
  • You should also drive the reader’s attention towards spheres they can identify with and how they can emulate the paper for their own future presentations. You should be amenable towards accepting mistakes where you have made them (keep that to a minimum). You should also suggest how your paper adds value to the topical theme and also to the previous eminent works on the theme.

  • A crisp summary
  • In short, your literature review has to create a roadmap for future by borrowing from previous spheres. It has to emphasize on the strength of your Methodology and how you have been able to bring the focal point of the theme into limelight. You will obviously need to carve a phrased reference page to ensure that your dissertation appears original.

    This, then, is the ideal format of a literature review. It should work towards adding dimension to your paper; not to diminish it in any way. The best road is the road ahead!