An Overview Of Undergraduate Dissertation Chapters

Dissertation assignments are a common part of undergraduate studies. It prepares you for the tougher dissertation that you must submit to acquire a doctoral degree. It is also a way of testing how much you can research, assimilate and present successfully. It is important that you at times go beyond the syllabi to learn something extra. It is at times fun to research and write something that is completely your own. It is like being the author of a book. Most students claim that tough as it might have been, a lot of lessons are learnt while working for a dissertation.

However, you might be clueless if you have just entered the UG level and are given an assignment. The format might be unknown you as it is different from what you did at high school. As the format is extremely important we are giving you a brief overview of the chapters that you are to include in your dissertation.

  • Abstract
  • This will contain the title of your dissertation. Here you must mention the problems that arose in your topic and the why they needed solutions, basically justifying your stand on the topic. Then you must list the objectives you pursued through the project. Next should come the methodology, where you are to describe in some detail how you went about the paper. It should include research procedure, data collection, writing, etc. The chapter should end with what you have achieved through this particular dissertation.

  • Attestation
  • This is a formality, but a necessary one. You have to testify that you have not plagiarized and you are ready to accept the consequences if you are caught to have done so. This exempts the information whose sources you have mentioned.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Briefly talk about those who have helped you, like if you get help from dissertation writing company.

  • Introduction
  • This is the part where you elaborate on your topic and the various things contained in it. The idea is to clarify to the reader all concepts that occur in your project. Here you must have the background to the topic and state the context. A list of objectives should be elaborately stated. An overview should be given along with achievements.

  • Chapters
  • In the next few chapters present the various arguments you have to make concerning the topic. Support your arguments with data. The arguments should have an organic unity.

  • Conclusion
  • Wrap up the project and state your personal opinion in this part and end the dissertation.

Don’t forget to provide a bibliography at the very end with all sources stated accurately and in detail.