List Of Winning Dissertation Topics On Business Economics

One of the most important steps you take in writing a dissertation is figuring out what topic to write on. This is true no matter what your discipline is. For business Economics, you would do well to keep the following tips in mind as you start looking for just the right idea to follow up on.

  • Consider the current global economy
  • These are amazing times we live in. The entire world is connected on a much more intimate scale than ever before. On top of that, you can access information about things that happen in far flung places in real time from where ever you are. Use this to your advantage and consider the current events that affect economies everywhere.

  • Look fr samples of previously completed dissertations
  • This is to help you compare your direction to both the better and worse writers out there. If you have been considering a topic that only worse writers seem interested in, this is a good time to change direction and aim higher. If you never challenge yourself, you will never get the best rewards.

  • Ask your contemporaries what they think
  • This helps you to see what you should avoid as well. If your classmates all seem to be looking at the same theme, it will be overdone and none of their papers will impress the professor. Instead, find the best aspects of what they are considering and adjust them to suit your skills.

Here are a few great topics with those rules in mind:

  1. Can a higher level of scarcity spur a business on to a greater competitiveness?

  2. How can the other factors of production interact in the absence of enterprise?

  3. Are capitalist and communist economic systems both becoming more alike in their treatment of business entities?

  4. Do start-ups have higher chances of survival when aided through state intervention?

  5. Are companies from small island developing nations at a significant disadvantage for their local customers due to online options?

  6. Which industries are likely to be wiped out by the recent oil price collapse?

  7. How can ‘hostile’ takeover end up creating a more economically viable company?

  8. How has climate change already affected the business environment worldwide?

  9. Will the influx of refugees to Europe reverse the predicted labor shortage and boost economies?

  10. Will the reduction in price of petroleum lead to a greater interest in its substitutes?

In a pinch you cant try these or just use them as a sample.