Catchy PhD thesis topics in mechanical engineering

Engineering is a physics based technical field which mainly deals with the practical part of the subject unlike school level physics which consisted mainly of theoretical study. It is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering and also the application of physics laws in day to day situations. Studying engineering all the way is a hard task but nothing one cannot accomplish if the heart and labor is put into it. If you are a PhD in mechanical engineering, then you must have come a long way to be standing where you are. Choosing the topic is what is most important when you are doing your PhD course. But picking a compelling topic can be frustrating. Here are a few interesting topics that you might like to choose from.

  1. Investigations on the wear and friction of sintered iron-based materials.
  2. Synthesis of the linkage to generate functions of two variables in a simplified form.
  3. Studies of heat and mass transfer and the evaluation of thermal properties from food products.
  4. Solar air conditioning: Absorbent solution regeneration.
  5. Studies on some of the aspects of diesel engine exhaust emissions.
  6. Analysis of reference lines of surface profiles and their characteristics.
  7. Studies on the transients of metal cutting during tool entry.
  8. Studies in the free convection laminar transpired boundary layers.
  9. Multiscale computational framework for sheet metal forming based on a microstructure.
  10. The study of the composites of metal-ceramic along with the microstructures.
  11. The application of high waves of frequency in an enhanced oil recovery.
  12. Use of robotics in the artificial oil lifting from hydrocarbon reservoirs.
  13. Products and machine for carbon capture used to produce of feedstock of magnesium carbonate after precipitation.
  14. The CFD modeling of vortex induced vibrations.
  15. Subsea pipeline of high strength in an environment of deep-water and their fatigue behavior.
  16. Performance enhancement, safety, condition and reliability of the infrastructure systems of wind energy using optimal design, structural health monitoring inspections and structural control.
  17. The consequence of rope elasticity lifting on the heave compensation performance in offshore cranes that are floating.
  18. The dynamics of shape memory for applications in engineering.
  19. The confined fluid behavior in nanoporous media.
  20. The intermittent galerkin procedures for the flow in porous media in two-phases.

Acquiring a PhD is a mammoth task and not easy. As a matter of fact, it is often easier to lose your way. But however, if you work on a topic you are already interested in, the task at hand will seem easier and you will achieve you goal faster.