How To Compose An Undergraduate Dissertation Title Page

As an undergraduate, you will often find that there will be a requirement to create a dissertation. Essentially, a dissertation is an in-depth essay based around a particular topic, and will require a great deal of research, as well as several thousand words of content.

As part of your paper, you will have to include a variety of different sections. Even if you are used to writing short academic papers, you may not necessarily be experienced when it comes to writing an essay that is anywhere near as in-depth as a dissertation. As a result, you may not necessarily be aware of which sections you need to include, or how to compose them. For example, one of the parts that you may need to include is a title page.

What does the title page do?

It seems fairly self-explanatory, but title page will essentially include the title and a variety of other details relating to the work that you have produced. As you might expect, it will go towards the front of your paper, and will be used to quickly inform the reader about any important information, including the title.

What details to include

There are a variety of different details that you will need to include as part of your paper; however, it can be a good idea to check with your teacher or supervisor in order to establish whether or not there are any specific requirements relating to your place of study.

Ultimately, the details that you include will generally follow a similar format, and should include details relating to your educational establishment, such as the name of the university, as well as potentially the department or faculty that you are studying with.

You will then need to include some details relating to the paper, such as the name of the degree that you are writing the paper for, the year that you will submit the paper, your name, as well as the names of any co-authors, and obviously the title of your dissertation itself.

Finally, you should include the name of your supervisor or promoter, and the date that you present the work.

When to write the title page

It may be that you attempted to compose the title page as one of the first things that you do, considering it is so easy. Of course, whilst it is a relatively short piece of work and, therefore, any changes can quickly be made, it is still not necessarily worth wasting your time composing the title page until towards the end of the writing process, once you are sure all the details you need to include.