Five Interesting Ideas For Your Psychology Dissertation

Writing a dissertation for a psychology topic can be a challenging but interesting task. You can choose from a wide variety of ideas based on personal interest. As you narrow down choices think about ideas that will make it easy as possible to write your project. The idea you settle on should be something you will feel comfortable writing as you develop your outline and conduct research. To give you a boost on brainstorming, here are 5 potential ideas to consider for your psychology dissertation.

  1. Reasons why people forget things. People are often looking for ways to retain their memory. Yet, there are theories behind why people lose their memory. You can discuss actions people may not be doing to encourage better memory. You can look into conditions that led to memory loss or contribute to cognitive behavior.

  2. How a person’s behavior and thinking patterns affect one another. You may have learned elements related to each of these issues but what is something others may not know? You can discuss how thinking patterns are learned and areas that can be explored further. How do thinking patterns change from childhood, teenage years through young adult?

  3. What role does the mind play in physical and emotional well-being? Many people want to know ways to keep their mental and emotional health stable. Yet, some may not realize how the mind works and how it helps maintain well-being in this manner. What are ideas you could write about that explore this concept further?

  4. What is considered the most significant state of mind? (Decision-making, problem-solving, motivation, etc.) What are elements you have learned you feel are most important when it comes to state of mind? How does the decision-making process come about? What are important elements of problem-solving and how can this skill is developed further? What happens when the mind is motivated to complete an action?

  5. What are common theories behind mind behavior we are still learning more about? Are there elements about psychology you want to learn about more you have yet to explore on your own? You can review what you have learned and consider studying research content of other students to draw new conclusions. You can try to debunk a theory someone else developed or provide additional supporting information that is new or recent.