18 Potential Topics For Your Master's Dissertation In Development Studies

Ever since development studies have been added as a separate subject in the academic curriculum, several studies and chapters have been written on it. Many noted authors and academicians have penned down some really good theses and papers on the subject. If you want to make your mark right up there, you will have to consider writing a really good paper on the subject. And for that you will have to start with a really good topic.

The selection of topic is important

The relevance of topic is particularly significant n development studies since the scope of development studies is very large and you cannot hope to include everything in a single paper. That is why you will have to select a topic that is both objective and allows you to have a helicopter vision on the larger perspective as well.

Based on the topic you select, you can work on the outline and fix a trial for the rest of the dissertation as well.

Great potential topics for master’s dissertation in development studies

  1. Rwanda: a case study on policies for peace maintenance and economic reform

  2. The Nigerian oil bargaining and the losers and winners of the event

  3. How prostitution has turned out to be the most risky business of Thailand

  4. How the village doctor is an important element of national healthcare?

  5. A new world order or a new world disorder: which is more likely and why?

  6. Foreign investment in the East: Is India beating China now?

  7. The rise of FDI in India with respect to the Dhabo project

  8. Can rehabilitation based on community an effective approach?

  9. How does society matter in land reform bills of governments?

  10. Price subsidies: what should be the exact mode of setting the values?

  11. Postcolonial Nigeria: a take on the pollution and politics that brought in much turmoil

  12. Propose some remedies to bring Nigeria out of economic underdevelopment

  13. Suggest a behavioral foundation for the better economies in Amfrica

  14. Argentine segmentation of the labor market: what is the wage penalty for motherhood?

  15. How would you address the poverty of some underdeveloped regions in Jordan

  16. The challenging conditions under which some low-income Mexicans lead lives

  17. Suggest measures to improve the lives of much neglected poor classes of China

  18. Take a closer look at India’s attempts to revive its village economy