How To Find A Checked Example Of An Undergraduate Psychology Dissertation

To graduate from a university as an expert in psychology, you’ll need to write and defend a dissertation. This is a very difficult task in comparison to other academic papers that students compose during their studying. It’s advisable to look at some sample papers before you start writing your work. This article contains a list of the best sources where you may look for examples.

  1. Ask your professor.
  2. Your psychology professor is likely to be your instructor when it comes to creating your paper. Your professor may not only give you tips and recommendations on how to structure your work and what sources to use, but also may provide you with helpful sample papers of an excellent quality.

  3. Go to your university library.
  4. You’re not the first student to write a psychology dissertation. It’s likely that your university library contains many papers created by other students that can serve you as examples. Make sure to take your time and search for works that earned their authors excellent grades.

  5. Visit your university website.
  6. By visiting your university website, you should find a way to access your university electronic database. This is the place where plenty of academic papers are stored in electronic versions. If you don’t like to attend libraries and mess with papers, you may just download needed examples on your computer.

  7. Ask your friends.
  8. If you have friends who studied at your university and have already defended their psychology dissertations, you may ask them for help. They should have at least electronic copies of their works that they may share with you. You may also ask your friends how to prepare for your defense.

  9. Search for writing centers.
  10. Almost every town has some academic writing centers that help students write their research papers and theses. Approach such an organization and ask them to provide you with needed sample papers. You’re likely to get examples of very good quality from these sources, because the staff of writing centers usually consists of experienced professionals.

  11. Use the Internet.
  12. It’s always possible to search for examples on the world web. There are plenty of online databases and libraries where you can find sample dissertations and download them for free. However, such sources might not always provide you with documents of high quality. If you want to be sure that you’ll get a decent sample paper, it’s better to approach reliable research paper writing websites, although their services won’t be provided for free.